8 Things You Did Not Understand About Netflix’s Money Heist

It is one in all Netflix’s most well-liked series ever and once four years on our screens and unnumerable tense moments on the sting of our sofas, cash Heist is coming back to associate finish with its fifth and final season airing on Netflix this month.

It has been a wild earlier ride since we tend to were introduced to the dishonest gang of misfits in red jumpsuits and Salvador painter masks. So, as we tend to wave good-bye to 1 of our favorite series ever (that is right, you heard).

 Here are a unit eight belongings you did not understand the motion-picture photography of Money Heist.

  1. The show used over 600 red jumpsuits


Across all 5 seasons over 600 of the enduring red jumpsuits were wont to dress the forged. Although, in line with series designer, Carlos Diez, dressing the characters was far away from boring.

“Designing the wardrobe of l. a. Casa American state Papel [Money Heist] is such fashionable ability because of every character is therefore different from successive. it’s been an excellent challenge to decorate all the characters individually so once more as a bunch, at once picture red garment.”


  1. Motion-picture photography has taken place in three hundred locations in seven countries


While the series is about in Madrid shooting has taken place everywhere on the planet. Netflix’s later involvement brought more opportunities for the show; taking shooting to a range of locations outside of European nations, wherever the complete 1st series was recorded.

Shooting for the series has taken place in an Asian nation, Denmark, Panama, Portugal, Italy, and the UK, wherever the scenes involving the flooded vault at the Bank of European nation were recorded.


  1. Heaps of pretend cash was created for the series


The money could be a vast part of the main target of the show, and their area unit lots of shots were countless it is visible, therefore showrunners had 6000 gold ingots (gold bars) made as props alongside a whopping a million €50 bills that were written for the scene during which notes area unit scattered within the streets of Madrid.


  1. Money Heist was off before Netflix picked it up


Le Casa American state Papel (the series’ original Spanish title) 1st airy back in 2017 on Spanish channel Antena three. Episode one was a giant hit, however in line with Decider because the series went on viewership born off, and the forged and crew had resigned themselves to the fact that they would not create it on the far side series one.

However, Netflix quietly nonheritable the show and retitled its cash Heist for U.S.A. audiences. Despite extraordinarily little advertising from the flag, it proved an enormous hit with Netflix audiences and it has gone from strength to strength since then.


  1. Yeddo was not meant to be the show’s speaker


According to the Spanish news website, El Mundo Yeddo (played by Úrsula Corberó) was not meant to be the series’ speaker. Since its 1st series fans have questioned why the narration comes from Yeddo, suggesting that it ought to return from the academician (Álvaro Morte), the heist mastermind and cluster leader.

Well, that is what show producers originally meant, however eventually decided that it might be too selfish for the academician to try and do it, and conjointly needed a feminine voice doing the narration given the fact they would be such a male-dominated forged.


  1. The episodes were written in parallel


Most shows write the scripts for the complete series before motion-picture photography, however on cash Heist scripts area unit written aboard motion-picture photography with the writers adapting the complete direction of the series in line with what they feel the story asks for throughout shooting.

The writers write some episodes at a time, then again return to line willing to pinch details and plot points pro re nata.


  1. Álvaro Morte had to audition 5 times for the academician


Although it is exhausting to imagine anyone else taking part in the role of heist mastermind The academician, in line with Tech Zimo Álvaro Morte was not a complete shoo-in. The Spanish actor had to audition 5 times over 2 months to urge the half. And we are therefore glad he did.


  1. The series originally had a unique name


The actual title of the series lupus erythematosus Casa American state Papel interprets specifically into “The House of Paper”, which is sensible since the gang area unit robbing The Royal Mint – wherever cash is written.

However, the show was originally set to be titled, Los Desharious, which means “The Outcasts”, however eventually show creators decided that lupus erythematosus Casa American state Papel created added sense with the story.


Is Season five the last season of Money Heist?


On the twenty-fourth could 2021, we tend to all area units delighted to grasp that money Heist is currently revived for season 5. Money Heist Season five is free in 2 elements, Volume one and Volume two. The discharge date for each volume is currently on the market. The fifth season of cash Heist is the finale and no added sequels are made.