Google Removes 8 Millions[Updates] Of Negative TikTok Reviews & Ratings From Play Store

Google deletes over 5 million negative TikTok reviews from Play Store to improve rating

ByteDance’s TikTok app, with its short-form videos for hundreds of millions of India users, is being criticized in its largest market outside the country after troubling videos have been published on the platform. So Google deletes over 5 million negative TikTok reviews from Play Store to improve the rating.

Since recent days, on all our social media sites we have seen the relentless fight, the ‘Youtube VS TikTok.’

Several hashtags asking users to ban TikTok and India from TikTok have started to trend on Twitter.

The pattern definitely influenced TikTok and the ratings dropped from 4.7 to 3 and finally, the app saw its lowest ranking, i.e. 1.2, ever.

In the last three weeks Twitter in India has been a phenomenon for a phrase like banTikTok, deleteTikTok and blockTikTok after several of its users expressed frustration at videos circulating in the giant ByteDance joy app. Chinese dance app.

Numerous new TikTok-videos, which seemed to promote domestic violence, animal cruelty, sexism, child exploitation, and women’s protest have been discovered and posted by users on twitter.

After brigading disgusting Indian fans, Google has deleted millions of negative reviews of the TikTok video-shared app.

The latest news reports reveal that Google’s tech giant was able to save the app and delete millions of negative reviews from the Play Store. According to the news, Google removed more than 5 million negative comments from TikTok, which boosted its ranking.

Currently, Google Play Store has 22 million TikTok reviews, and Google removed over five million reviews so far.

TikTok currently has a ranking of 1,6 on the playground and it is rising slowly.

After disturbing videos were found in India, the Chinese video-sharing platform has received criticism. Bytedance experienced a backlash, with millions of Indians deleting the BanTikTok, DeleteTikTok and BlockTikTok Hashtags on Twitter with negative feedback.

This debacle started when a popular YouTuber CarryMinati (actual name Ajay Negar) created a video of the famous TikTokers Amir Siddiqui (once believed to be honored with Carry Minati) on YouTube vs TikTok a few days ago.

The video became a viral breeding ground for storytellers. Because of the content violation, the video was taken down from Youtube and Ajay Negar created another video requesting its supporters not to misuse the video. When Ajay spoke of the video and the message was sent, she was emotional.

In the last three weeks, they have been very controversial in India, with videos showing and endorsing domestic abuse, animal cruelty, racism, child abuse and the objection of women being widely shared.

The setback has brought millions of Indians into the Google Play Store App, which listed and published poor reviews that criticize the app. The overall rating of the app worldwide rose from 4.5 from just 1.2 — until Google interviewed.

A Google spokesman said it removed millions of negative TikTok reviews posted by users to stop spam abuse. Following the correction, the rating of TikTok was recovered somewhat to 1,6, which currently stands at 1,4 in Europe.

One of TikTok ‘s posts, another influencer, Faizal Siddiqui, is claimed to encourage acid attacks on women by recreating a disturbing scene.

Millions of Indians started leaving the TikTok Google Play Store listing one-star reviews that tanked their average score absolutely. It dropped from 4.5 to below 1.2 like a stone. All the negative spam comments have now been deleted by Google. A Google spokesman said that millions of users were deleted as “corrective steps” to “dismiss spam harassment.”
After our discovery, we found that Google may have taken more than 8 million reviews from the initial TikTok Play Store site. This is an astronomical figure, but since TikTok has been downloaded more than one billion times, the user base is still only a small part.

In contrast with this same list this morning, you can see a huge difference in the ratings according to our own screenshots of last week:

Google removes millions of negative TikTok rating

At one point, Apptopia told TechCrunch the “feel” of the app, which partly explains the user’s satisfaction with the app, decreased from 86 to 39 per cent.

A TikTok screen picks up of a Google Play Store application for an app is not a new phenomenon. Outrages from an app. Many cases have taken place in India itself, including an incident when a supposed comment made by Snapchat’s cofounder upsets many Indians, many of whom have error fully suppressed Snapdeal e-commerce app and have left low ratings for it.

The Play Store listing has seen the average TikTok scoring rallies after many of the reviews were dropped. It is currently 1.6 stars, which is presumably recovered by the rating system accounting for the removals — or by deleting further spam feedback from the list.

Alone in India, TikTok exploded with over 200 million registered users. After a high profile incident involving social media influencer Faizal Siddiqui posted proof of an acid attack — which has since been deleted — the attention has now been on the content manipulation within the country. This recent article acted as a trigger for TikTok ‘s Indian users’ negative reviews.

However, this latest incident, which hit the wheels after a hoax video of an acid attack by Faizal Siddiqui (social media influencer), has brought TikTok ‘s efforts to regulate the content to the fore in India, which crossed 200 million users late last year. This is a very important feature of the app.

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, an Indian politician, said that TikTok – along with the manager who is watching the Indian app service – did not listen to feedback and refused to take negative videos and keep people to account who have posted the clips despite their warnings.

While this is not the first time that the Google Play Store removed negative feedback, it is probably the biggest to date. We would be happy now if Google could tighten down more frequently seen spam review in the play store.

One TikTok speaker said in a statement, “To keep people safe on TikTok is a top priority and we clearly state what is not acceptable to our platform in our term of service and guidelines. We do not allow content that risks the protection, physical harm or violence against women, in compliance with the policy. The conduct under scrutiny contravenes our orders, and we take the material down, suspend accounting and collaborate as necessary with law enforcement agencies.

But ByteDance has not revealed how many contents models it has in India and how it removes objectionable videos proactively — or if so. This is not the first time that the actions of ByteDance have been investigated in India.

Last year, TikTok raised a similar issue in order to block the application for porn and other illegal content by Google and Apple. Weeks later, the ban was lifted.

After an Indian developer posted a parody video of an acid assault, the video-sharing site was flooded with one-star ratings.

Tiktok deleted copies of his clip and Faizal siddiqui apologized to him.

However, Google interfered when protesters found out that fake accounts had been set up to intensify their demonstrations.

Yet this change has only a small effect on the official Android Market, and the rating for TikTok is still below two stars.

The video showed Mr. Siddiqui threatening a woman who had decided to leave him.

He poured fluid on the face of the woman in the film. It was water, but the following scene showed the face of a woman with a maquillage which looks like acid scars and rashes.

“We do not accept content that threatens other people’s health, encourages physical harm, or honours violence against women,” the TikTok spokesman said.

“The conduct in question breaches our rules, we have taken content down, suspended account and, where necessary, collaborate with law enforcement agencies.”

Following TikTok ‘s reaction, Google deleted over 5 million of its recent one-star ratings but left much more active.

A Google spokesman said it took “corrective measures.”

“We review and take corrective action to delete inappropriate ratings and comments when we learn about incidents of spam abuse,” he added.

According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, the event coincided with monthly revenues from app charges that were higher than for any other non-sport app in April, including YouTube and Netflix. Bloomberg indicated that the figure includes sales of the drug via the Chinese edition known as Douyin.

Users can purchase virtual currency to help their favourite device designers.

In-app purchase revenue for TikTok every month has risen tenfold to $78 million (£63.8 m), 86.6% coming from China, and 8.2% coming from the US.