How To Watch NFL Live Stream For Season 2020-21 Online -A Free Guide For Football Fans

how to watch nfl season online

Football is the most popular sport globally. Professional football is arguably the most popular sport in the US. The games are a form of mass entertainment turned national ritual. Nothing quite matches the NFL games in terms of scope and scale of preparations. Not a year or season goes by that stadiums are not filled with eager fans. And the sheer level of preparations made for the Super Bowl is simply unmatched. Guided by your love for football, here is a list of the best subscription services and apps for NFL live stream online.

What About NFL

The NFL, which is the National Football League, is a professional football organization and is the pinnacle of the sport in the US and the entire world. The NFL is among the four major professional sports leagues. Considering its popularity and profitability, the NFL surpasses the other leagues.

In the year 1920, the invention of Nfl happens, and it was initially known as the American Professional Football League of America (APFA).  At the time, APFA had a rival team called and National Football League. Following an agreement, the two organizations merged took up NFL as the official name in 1966, where the first world championship game was held up in the year 1967.

The league has thirty-two clubs organized into two conferences:

  1. The American football conference
  2. The national football conference

Each of the conferences hosts a total of sixteen (16) clubs each. Within each meeting, there are four divisions (North, South, East, and West) with four teams in each.

Regardless of the existence of other sports leagues, the NFL is the most reputable. It is evident with the high attendance of people during games conducted each year for the regular season.

The media covers all the NFL games, which has made the NFL have many contracts with private television networks. Television networks have been competing for broadcast rights since the 1960s. The NFL Network is the television network owned by the NFL. The system selects several games nationally, which are aired. The sets of NFL that are mostly watched are from the regular season.

NFL Season

The NFL gaming season has three divisions; the preseason, regular season, and postseason.

The preseason- is an exhibition game where teams and players match-up for free. This season comes before the actual ‘regular’ season begins.

The regular season- is a season that involves each team playing 16 games to decide who goes through the playoffs. The teams that advance to the playoffs are those with the best position within each division. It includes eight winners from the eight divisions and two wildcard teams. The wildcard teams are the second-place teams within each division. These seasons’ games take place between September to December but sometimes extended until early January the following year.

The postseason- is a season that comprises of the playoff games. The playoffs take place throughout the weekends in January. All the 12 teams go through four rounds of playoffs, including the wildcard, a divisional, conference championship, and the super bowl. During the world championship game, each of the two conferences faces off.

The super bowl comes after an exciting NFL postseason.  The super bowl’s schedule is usually during the beginning of the year.

NFL live stream

The NFL has absolute streaming contracts with several television networks at any time, which include CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC. Network affiliates are assigned a specific number of games for individual timeslots.

The most crucial consideration in football is the team playing as per the fans. Most fans are usually loyal to home teams. Home teams are the teams that represent their geographical location. Even though that is typically the case, there are also plenty of fans of other teams located far from home. Other external factors affect viewership, such as the timing of the programs and the quality of the production. The viewership rate may also be affected by the number of commercial breaks and the quality of commentary.

During the first or second months of the regular season, the rate of viewers is usually higher than that of others. It is because, at this time, viewers are curious about the power of each team. The teams also get to start on a fresh slate, and thus all are equal footing. The most viewed show is usually the Super Bowl.

NFL Gaming Schedule

Commonly the regular-season games are played on three specific days; Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.  The NFL is subject to antitrust laws, and thus the games held on these days serve as nationally televised showcases. This is usually important as it prevents competition directly from the college and high school football games. On Fridays and Saturdays, often, the colleges and high schools hold their football games.  That’s why the NFL usually avoids the days. This scheduling is affected by agreements made between the NFL and the television networks.

Monday Night Football

The Monday Night Football on ESPN and NBC is usually a live television broadcast of weekly NFL games. During the regular season, it’s when this happens. This live streaming focuses on games that take place every Monday. The live broadcast always starts at 7 PM and lasts before midnight. Two games that run consecutively are the ones covered on each live stream. The 2019 NFL season marked the 50th season for the Monday Night Football series. ABC has been producing the series since the 1960s, which is known to be sister to ESPN. In 2006 the ABC turned the contract over to the ESPN, where the company started sharing the rights to air the series with NBC.

Thursday Night Football

The Thursday Night football includes the games aired on a Thursday night. This happens during the regular season. In the year 2006, it’s when the series was first debuted. Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos were the first to grace the series. The production and the distribution rights to the TNF are shared by the media companies. In this way, the rights-holders get to pick the commentators and production arrangements. This also gives them the right to simulcast portions of the games to different channels. Meaning, various games are available on TV at the same time.

Saturdays are prohibited for the NFL to conduct games. Thursday nights became the best alternative for the network. This also became another way for the NFL to ensure that all games are covered by a broadcasting service. Broadcasting rights to the series belong to more than one media firm, which includes; NFL Network, Fox, and Amazon Prime Video.

Sunday Night Football

Sunday evening games broadcasted live is known as Sunday Night Football, which happens during the regular season. During the regular season, the series is said to have the best quality coverage. For a few years in the US, the series was considered to be the most-watched program on US network television. It is the first sports program to reach this status. Since most people are available during the Sundays, this makes it to be a highly viewed series. In the production of the SN, networks exert extra effort. Currently, NBC is holding the Broadcast rights to the Sunday Night Football.

Super Bowl

The epitome of grandeur above all in the sports arena is the Super Bowl. This is usually part of the postseason. It is traditionally held in February on the first Sunday. During this winter period, the significant stadiums are generally full. All over the country, the majority of the TV sets tuned in to the channels airing the big game. TV networks have a hostile bid for this particular show. For this show, the NFL has rotated broadcasting rights between NBC, Fox, and CBS. The 55th NFL championship game is the 2020 Super Bowl. Fox is the current owner of the streaming rights to the 2020 Super Bowl.


The NFL has exclusive rights to sell broadcasting rights. It is allowed to engage any private media organization to broadcast NFL games over the television. This article is intended to inform the public about the channels to view and stream NFL games.

How to watch NFL Live Stream Online through your Web Browser

Today one is not just confined to watching football games on TV. Hardcore NFL fans enjoy the newest applications and services. These allow one to live stream games of our favorite NFL teams anytime. One is able to access thousands of NFL gaming footage with the right streaming service. These games arranged according to season and the year played. You can choose between subscription-based streaming and free mobile applications for this purpose. An internet-ready device and a fast internet for seamless viewing are needed for both methods.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is a subscription-based video streaming service. It is a 24/7 network service dedicated solely to the NFL. Users can watch live and archived preseason, regular season, and postseason NFL games 24/7. Initially, all NFL Game Passes pertained to the live or archived audio of NFL games. Live streaming is not available for regular season and postseason games. The archives contain mostly full broadcast or condensed replays. You also get options to watch other shows in the NFL Programming. This includes a wildly popular series that documents preseason preparations each year. The site collects videos from significant broadcast channels and uploads them to a website. For a fee, users get a special pass to access vast archives of out of market games.

The Access Game Pass is accessible on multiple devices. Includes a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, or TV. Potential subscribers within the US have two options. A one-time payment of $99.99 for a one-year subscription or three installments per year is worth $33.30 each. The rate is slightly higher for European countries, but it’s all worth it. You can sign up for an NFL account for NFL live stream online.

Fox sports

Fox Sports is the sports programming division of the Fox Corporation. The company is one of the leading carriers of the NFL broadcast rights. Fox Sports, like NBC, can cover more than a third of the local NFL teams. Thus, a subscription warrants access to the Monday and Sunday night premieres. There are also specials on the AFL teams and a game called Sunday Shootouts.

The Fox Sports Go service is the app equivalent of the Fox Sports programming. This allows users to access live-streamed sports from regional Fox networks. Live games can be streamed through tablets and personal computers. However, Fox Sports Go is not yet supported on mobile phones. Access to this service is generally free with a subscription to Fox Sports. Mostly, you have two options to access your favorite NFL teams. You can stream through the main Fox website or through the Fox Sports Go app.

NFL Webcast

The NFL Webcast is a free online video streaming service for NFL games. The website has access to different sports channels, which include the NFL Network, ESPN, and NBC. You’ll also be able to access CBS and Fox. With these channels combined, a user can access up to 250 games and more for the regular season alone. The webcast gives access to the Super Bowl, Playoffs, Pro Bowl, and Preseason replays online. There’s also a unique feature on the NFL drafting process through the channel. Even gaming devices can be used to stream the games on the site.

A subscription to the NFL streaming service will give you the absolute best of NFL content. The service allows you to stream hundreds of live local and primetime games and full replays and also provides full access to live playoff games and the Super Bowl. You can search for your favorite team and stream all their games. There are also plenty of articles and video highlights about breaking news related to the NFL.

With the NFL Webcast, all the restrictions observed by other streaming services do not apply. The sheer existence of a webcast service dedicated to the free streaming of NFL games is unheard of.  The NFL Webcast is accessible through a multitude of devices. Nonetheless, we recommend using a Windows or Mac computer for optimized viewing. Head straight to the main NFL website and start streaming your favorite NFL seasons. It’s best to have a speedy internet so you can stream in 4K resolution.

Watch ESPN

ESPN is a sports television network service available in the US. It recently created a mobile application counterpart, Watch ESPN. This application allows users to stream live and on-demand NFL games online. A subscription gives you regular access to a set number of games during the regular season. These are divided accordingly into the Monday and Sunday Night Football streams.

Notably, the Sunday Night Football series has been the highest-rated NFL telecast. And this is considering it has been over seventeen years since it started. It also propelled ESPN to success as a significant competitor to NBC and CBS. The network also made previous attempts at creating original NFL-related content. An example is a documentary-type feature showing the NFL draft, and also another feature is the Monday Night Countdown. This show recaps the progress of the games from the previous week. Subscription to Watch ESPN is available online or through the mobile app. You can access the official ESPN registration page for the online method. Get your daily dose of NFL live stream online with Watch ESPN.


Twitch is a video streaming service that works a lot like YouTube. It was created for live-streaming video games. The service has since expanded to stream sports events, including NFL games. Amazon purchased rights to the service after noting its popularity. As such, Amazon Prime members get free access to Twitch. Amazon Prime is an excellent streaming service with all the premium channels you could want.

Amazon Prime has the same rights as Fox to the Thursday Night series. It has even expanded streaming rights to Twitch. Both Amazon Prime and Twitch will be streaming eleven sessions of the TNF games. Initially, only Amazon Prime had this privilege. Notably, the site offers more variety in terms of sports content. It also accommodates newer, unheard-of types of sports, including eSports tournaments.

Twitch comes free with an Amazon Prime account. All you need to do is to link your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime account, and you can start streaming online. It is also compatible with most computers and handheld devices, including gaming consoles. Get your daily dose of NFL live stream online with Twitch.

Watch NFL Live Stream Online Free on Android and IOS

Most people have had to rely on cable television networks to get their weekly fix of football games. But since then, there has been an increasing number of alternative entertainment options. These allow users to stream content through computers and other devices. There are plenty of new applications that enable you to screen your favorite NFL games for free. Get your daily dose of team spirit with these open applications that host NFL live stream online:

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is a free mobile streaming app for sports games and news. The mobile app is dedicated to streaming sports games, includes NFL regular season matches. The app is noted to have a rich repository of sports content, most of which are clips and replays. You can choose between full streams or video highlights. The former is complete footage of games. Meanwhile, the latter are essentially quick recaps and summaries of each game.

Live streaming is also available on NBC Sports, but the gaming schedules are highly variable. The app will also notify you about upcoming games for live streaming purposes. The design of the app is also very professional and does not lag when being navigated. The app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. Stream the latest NFL games on NBC Sports using any Android or Apple tablet or phone. Get your daily dose of NFL live stream online with NBC Sports.

The Score

theScore is a variety of mobile sports streaming services. It is the mobile-based equivalent of the sports news website of the same name. The app offers excellent coverage of NFL games, along with a wide variety of other sports. The app is also a provider of the latest sports news, gaming scores, and statistics. Real-time scores are displayed during live streaming. The data of individual players are also readily available. You can also create personalized feeds. The app will populate your feed with content related to your favorite teams and leagues. There’s also an in-app chat box to let you communicate with friends and family.

The app is also integrated with the sports betting app theScore Bet. The app allows you to join pre-game and in-play betting markets. You can stake your bets with digital cash and potentially earn cash when your team wins. The app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. Stream your favorite NFL team’s games on theScore using any Android or Apple tablet or phone. Get your daily dose of NFL live stream online with theScore.

Thuuz Sports

Thuuz Sports is a free mobile streaming app for sports games and news. The app hosts a variety of upcoming life and recently completed game footage. You can bookmark your favorite teams and sports to refine your search for games. The app is integrated with NBC sports news and content, which means you can expect regular sports updates for quick reading. There’s also a comprehensive library of news about your favorite leagues.

All live games come with an average score based on legitimate, live-feed statistics. This will give you an idea of the perceived quality of the game before tuning in. Gaming schedules, ratings, and statistics for each game are also available.

Extra features include a fantasy sports tracker and social features to the app. You can invite friends and share broadcasts of live games with them. The app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. Stream the latest NFL games on Thuuz Sports using any Android or Apple tablet or phone. Get your daily dose of NFL live stream online with Thuuz Sports.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a free mobile streaming app for sports games and news. You can stream live games from different sports events, including the NFL. The site also features sports news and updated scores for each live match. You can set up a personalized page for all your favorite teams and leagues. Yahoo even personalizes news alerts based on your favorite teams and leagues. This means you don’t have to scroll through unwanted content. The live updates and statistics digest the details of the game, so you always know your team’s status. This fantastic streaming app is entirely free with a Yahoo account. Stream your favorite NFL team’s games on Yahoo Sports using any Android or Apple tablet or phone. Get your daily dose of NFL live stream online with Yahoo Sports.

Watch NFL Live Stream Online through Paid Streaming Services

Choosing the best subscription for yourself and your family is not always easy. Of course, you want to get the best of what you pay for with the best of services and perks. There are a few considerations you need to make when choosing a subscription. The first is the number of channels supporting live NFL games. You also need to consider the interests of your other family members. It’s also helpful to have add-on features such as cloud storage.

Several internet-based TV services are slowly gaining traction over the traditional cable set-up.  Most of these provide extensive coverage of sports channels that feature the NFL. Internet-based streaming services have one particular advantage.  You can stream them on most computers and tablets. However, not all services have fully transitioned, and some still use the TV as the primary medium. In any case, here are some of the best available subscription-based deals. Express your love for NFL live stream online with any of these services:

Hulu +Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is one of the most popular streaming services available. It features a wide variety of live channels and on-demand content for all interests. For your specific NFL binges, you can tune in to CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC. The only channel not included in this line-up is the NFL Network. Nonetheless, die-hard NFL fans need not despair. Fox broadcasts most of the games on the NFL Network as well. This means it’s almost the same as having the channel. The service also includes plenty of other channels featuring other types of sports.

A monthly subscription to Hulu Live TV costs $54.99 per month. Hulu is best known for offering all the premium channels. These include channels for viewing movies and documentaries. You can also opt to have add-on Spanish channels for an additional monthly fee. Hulu + Live TV is available for streaming on your standard TV. It can also run on other internet-connected devices.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a streaming service that takes off from the popular website. It offers significantly comprehensive coverage of NFL games.  NFL fans will have multiple channels to choose from. The line-up includes CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC. Like Hulu Live TV, the NFL Network is unfortunately not included in the line-up. Nonetheless, the service is guaranteed to cover your weekly NFL binges.

YouTube TV comes with free and unlimited cloud storage. This allows you to record live NFL streams. The service also supports six user accounts for a single subscription. You can stream on different channels with up to three devices at the same time. This allows family members to watch various programs at the same time.  There are also plenty of other channels that feature different types of sports.

YouTube TV is notable for having even more channels than Hulu Live. We can highly recommend it for this reason alone. It’s also cheaper at only $49.99 per month. You can also opt for add-on channels for soccer, and NBA League passes for an additional monthly fee. YouTube TV is available for streaming on your standard TV. It can also run on other internet-connected devices.

Safety measures for Streaming NFL Live Stream Online

We would also like to provide a word of caution regarding internet-based streaming. A subscription to an internet streaming service is no guarantee of internet safety. Streaming using your password is relatively safe. Nonetheless, there are still potential risks and threats lurking about. Nosy hackers, internet service providers, and even governments can track your internet activities. Also, streaming sites usually collect information for marketing purposes.

For this reason, we still recommend using reliable antivirus software as the first layer of protection. You can choose from free antivirus software available online. Another option is for you to purchase a premium antivirus software for added security. You might also want to set-up a VPN as a second layer of protection. This is to ensure your safety and anonymity while you stream. As a third layer of security, you can install a proxy server. The server obscures your information, preventing other networks and your ISP from tracking you.

insights digest the subtleties of the game, so you generally know your group’s status. This fabulous spilling application is totally free with a Yahoo account. Stream your most loved NFL group’s games on Yahoo Sports utilizing any Android or Apple tablet or telephone. Get your every day portion of NFL live stream online with Yahoo Sports.

Wellbeing measures for Streaming NFL Live Stream Online

We might likewise want to give an expression of alert with respect to web based spilling. A membership to a web spilling administration is no assurance of web wellbeing. Spilling utilizing your secret word is moderately sheltered. In any case, there are as yet potential dangers and dangers prowling about. Intrusive programmers, network access suppliers, and even governments can follow your web exercises. Likewise, gushing destinations generally gather data for advertising purposes.

Consequently, we despite everything suggest utilizing dependable antivirus programming as the main layer of assurance. You can pick from free antivirus programming accessible on the web. Another choice is for you to buy a premium antivirus programming for included security. You may likewise need to set-up a VPN as a second layer of assurance. This is to guarantee your security and obscurity while you stream. As a third layer of security, you can introduce an intermediary server. The server clouds your data, keeping different systems and your ISP from following you.