Tom Brady Net Worth, Biography, Lifestyle

Player Overview

Tom Brady is a pro-American football player for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He plays as a quarterback. Brady is among the highest-paid NFL players athletes in the world. Brady is the most successful player in the history of the NFL.

  • Net Worth: $ 180m
  • Salary: $33m
  • Date of Birth: 3rd August 1977
  • Gender: male
  • Height: 1.93m
  • Profession: American football
  • Age: 42 years
  • Nationality: American

Early Life

Brady was born on 3rd august 1977 in San Mateo, California. His parents are Thomas Brady and Patricia Galynn. As a child, his favorite team was San Francisco 49ers and attended the majority of its games. Brady’s favorite player was Joe Montana, who played as a quarterback.

In just four years, he was already playing football. Brady attended the 1981 NFC Championship. He joined the college at San Mateo and learned how to throw a ball. Tony Guzimi coached Brady.

He went to Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo and graduated in 1995. Brady played a lot of football while in high school. He was also proficient in baseball. Brady completed high school with 236 of 447 passes for 3,702 yards and 31 touchdowns. He emerged as the team’s MVP.

Why Star

Brady has played in nine Super bowl finals, winning six of them. He is considered among the most successful players in the NFL with many Super bowls. Brady has won the prestigious MVP awards thrice a record. He has in his cabinet four MVP in Superbowl finals a record.

Brady is, for sure, the greatest quarterback in the history of NFL.

Career Summary

Brady started playing football while in high school. He was a 199 overall pick during the 2000 NFL draft by Patriots. Brady won his first SuperBowl final in his first season. He has more Superbowls and guided patriots to 17 titles as a quarterback. Brady has been in Pro Bowl 14 times. In 2020, he joined Tampa Bay Buccaneers aged 42.

Career Highlights

Amateur career

Brady joined the University of Michigan and continued playing American football. He led his team to an undefeated season with Coach Lloyd Carr. Brady was mostly a substitute to Drew Henson.

His incredible performances led him to displace Drew for a starting spot. In 1999, he led the Uni in a dramatic win over Ohio State. Brady would later on suffer a defeat to Alabama for Orange Bowl. He recorded 369-yard throws, four touchdowns, and managed the team’s winning score.
He ended his college career on a high note as he was ranked third with 710 attempts and 442 completions. Brady was fourth with 5, 351 yards, and 62.3 completion percentage.

Pro career

Brady was the most exceptional talent to come out of college. Many teams wanted his signature. During the 2000 NFL Draft, New England Patriots chose him. He was the 199 overall pick in the 6th round.

His successful passing and pocket awareness made the Patriots to choose him. He became a full-time starter in 2001. He went to become the most successful quarterback as has not lost a season. Brady has won a total of 17 titles for the patriots.


Brady successfully displaced Drew Bledsoe as a starting quarterback in 2002. He performed incredibly leading the patriots to the AFC East title. Brady would go on to win his first SuperBowl XXXVI defeating St Louis Rams for the title. He was named the finals MVP.

In the next season, the team did not reach the playoffs. He would successfully lead the team in winning two consecutive super bowls in 2003 and 2004. In 2005, he recorded a personal best of throwing 4000 yards and was the leader of NFL success pass rate.

2006- 2011

Brady did not have an excellent performance in 2006. In 2007, he guided the patriots to Superbowl final after a short absence. Brady set the NFL record of 50 touchdowns passes.
He led patriots to a 16-0 finish. It saw him win his first NFL MVP award. Associated Press also awarded him the Male Athlete of the Year.

The team would go on to lose Superbowl final to New York Giants. Brady missed almost all the 2008 season with a knee injury. He, however, came back strongly in 2009 and continued with his excellent performances. These saw him emerge the winner of Comeback Player of the Year.

In 2010, he managed 358 consecutive passes without interception a record. Brady received all the votes for the award of MVP. He became the second player to win multiple NFL MVP. And Superbowl MVP.

He ranked first in NFL Top 100 in 2011. Patriots managed to win their first AFC title after a very long absence. He was in the Superbowl for the fifth time. The Giants would go on to defeat them in the finals.


The following two seasons were not successful for Brady as patriots lost the AFC championship. In 2014, they were again in the Superbowl finals. Patriots defeated Seattle Seahawks to win the title. Brady emerged the Superbowl winner for the third time.
In 2016, Brady was a crucial member of the Patriot’s success. He led them to another Superbowl final. They would go on to defeat Atlanta Falcons and win his fifth SuperBowl. He became the first player to win the SuperBowl MVP finals four times.

In 2018, he led the team to another SuperBowl win. Brady became the first player to win Superbowl six times. In 2020, he signed for Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a two-year contract worth $50m

Favorite Quote

“Sometimes getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth is the hardest part of the day. It all just hurts.”

Style of Play

Brady throws the ball will with precise and accurate. He runs the ball more, thus giving running backs more touches. Brady can throw a ball even 50 times in one game. He is brilliant in analyzing the defense and studies the most favorable matchups to exploit.

Brady does not have too many skills but a very high mindset.

Awards and Trophies

  • 14x Pro Bowl
  • 6x Super Bowl
  • 3x NFL MVP
  • 2X NFL Offensive Player of the Year
  • 4x NFL Passing Touchdown Leader
  • 2x NFL Passer Rating Leader

Product Endorsement Earning

Brady is among the oldest NFL players. His success has enabled him to attract many firms for endorsements. According to Forbes, he earns $12m from endorsements.

Social Media Influencing Earning

The veteran quarterback has a massive social media following. It is, however, not known how much he takes home per sponsored post.

Business Interests

Brady has his own Lifestyle Brand TB12
He started 199 productions to produce documentaries and TV Shows.

Tax Evasion

Brady has never been charged with any tax evasion related offense.

On-pitch Achievements

He is a successful quarterback in the history of the NFL. He has been able to win the SuperBowl six times

Recent Contracts

Brady signed a two year deal with Tampa Bay worth $70m


The legendary quarterback enjoys a massive endorsement deals with many companies. He earns $12m from endorsement. Some of the companies he has deals with includes; Under Armor, IWC Schaffhausen, wheels up and many more


Brady was involved in Deflate gate, and he was suspended. He was accused of ordering the deflection of footballs in patriots win against Indianapolis in 2014.

He received a lot of criticism for appearing in Netflix’s Living with Yourself.


  • 2019- Arm Elbow Sprain
  • 2018- head lacerated
  • 2014- pedal ankle sprain and leg calf strain
  • 2010- Pedal foot fracture
  • 2008- Knee ACL Tear Grade 3

Top Earned Match

Brady is one of the highest-paid NFL players. He earns $ 33m from salaries and bonuses.

Player Net Worth in 2020


Player Salary in 2020


Player Endorsements & Sponsorships

The legendary quarterback enjoys a massive endorsement deals with many companies. He earns $12m from endorsement. Some of the companies he has deals with include; Under Armor, IWC Schaffhausen, wheels up, and many more.

Player Luxury Life

The veteran football player lives a very luxurious life. Being the most successful player in the NFL comes up with a price. He lives a luxurious life as he owns expensive assets such as vehicles, planes, and huge mansions.

House & Asset

Brady owns a stunning mansion in California worth $20m. It has eight bedrooms, a huge garage, and a swimming pool.
He previously had a house in Brooklyn, Massachusetts that they put on the market worth $39.5m


Brady dated Bridget Maynahan but later separated. They had a son called John Edward Thomas. He married Gisele Bundchen in 2009. The couple is blessed with two children Benjamin Rein and Vivian Lake

Private Jet

His wife bought him a private jet. It is
Gulfstream G550 worth $53.5m

Cars Collection

  • Cadillac escalade ESS-$70,000
  • Lexus G5 450H- $ 57,000
  • Range Rover-$100,000
  • Audi R8- $165,000
  • Ferrari M458-T-$ 239, 340
  • Aston Martin Venquish S Volante- $359,950


Brady does not own a yacht.

Foundations and Charity Work

He has his foundation Tom Brady Foundation. He has helped the following charities;

  • Best Buddies International
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • Entertainment Industry Foundation
  • Rey Back Foundation


Tom Brady is the most successful player in NFL history. He holds several records that will be difficult to be broken. His success on the field has seen him become one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Despite his vast earnings, he is a very charitable person.


Tom Brady is a pro-American football player currently playing for Tampa Bay. He played for New England Patriots for a decade. Brady plays as a quarterback. His success on the field has seen him amass a vast fortune. As of 2020, he has a net worth of $180m.