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Novak Djokovic Net Worth: Who is a Serbian pro tennis player. He arguably one of the best tennis players of his generation. Djokovic has won 17 Grand slam titles making him the third to achieve this milestone.

Novak Djokovic biography and Lifestyle

Name Novak Djokovic
Net Worth $200 million
Age 32 years 3 months
Nationality Serbo-Montenegrin- Serbian
Marital Status Jelena Djokovic (m. 2014)
Source of Wealth Tennis
Salary $9.6 million
Endorsements $28 million
Birth Place: Belgrade, SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia

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27. Foundations and Charity Work

Early Life

Djokovic was born on 22nd May 1987 in Belgrade Serbia. His parents were Srdan and Dijana. Aged just four years, Djokovic was playing tennis. His exceptional talent got the attention of JelenaGencic, a tennis player. He would go on to work with Djokovic for years. Jelena noted that his growth required more competition hence thus encouraging him to grow abroad.

At 12 years, Djokovic went to Germany and enrolled in Pilic Academy, a tennis academy. He spent four years at the institution.

Why Star

Djokovic is a tennis player. He is currently ranked number one in the world by ATP. Djokovic has won many titles in his career, including 17 Grand slams single titles. He has participated in five ATP finals and 34 ATP tour masters. He is the only Serbian to ever rank at number 1 by ATP.

Career Summary

He started paying career tennis aged 14. Djokovic finally became a pro in 2003, winning three in each future and Challenger tournaments. Djokovic won his first ATP in 2006 by beating Grey Rusedski in four sets. In 2007, he was ranked among the top ten tennis stars by ATP. By 2020. Djokovic has been ranked No.1

Career Highlights

Djokovic became a pro in 2003. He participated in the ATP world tour. In 2005, he qualified for his first Grandslam in the Australian Open. He suffered a loss to Marat Safin in the first round. 2006, was an incredible year for Djokovic. He finally succeeded in winning his first ATP title in the Dutch open. Djokovic defeated Grey Rusedski to win the award. Djokovic finally entered the top 10 ATP. In 2007, Djokovic managed to defeat the top three ranked players and win five titles.

In 2012, Djokovic became world number 1 by ATP. This was after emerging the winner of the Australian Open. He achieved this by defeating Rodger Federer. In 2019, Djokovic won his fifth Wimbledon and seventh Australian open. He managed to defeat Nadal and win the ATP cup. This milestone saw him become the first player to win Grandslam in three different decades.

Favorite Quotes 

 “ I embraced, I think, the process of becoming number 1of the word was long and difficult, but it is sweeter in the end.”

Style of Play

His defending and attacking are great. He can do both at the same time. Djokovic is a killer server with a high forehand and excellent second server. However, his controlling tendencies are significant. He is a very aggressive player.

Awards and Trophies

  • 7x Australian open
  • 17x Grand slam winner

Product Endorsement Earning

Djokovic earns $ 30m annually from endorsements.

Social Media Influencing Earning

Djokovic has a massive following on social media. He uses them to advertise his endorsements. It is not yet known how much he takes home per sponsored post.

Business Interests

 He is the owner of Family sport. They organize sports events in his hometown.

 Djokovic owns a restaurant in Belgrade called Dkjokolife.

Tax Evasion

Djokovic has never been convicted of any tax evasion-related charges.

On-pitch Achievements

He is the current number one ranked tennis player in the world. Djokovic has 17 grand slams.

Recent Contracts

He signed a contract with the Japanese brand Uniqlo worth $ 9m a year. Djokovic also signed a lucrative deal with the watch company Lacoste.


Seiko watches, Peugeot, Adidas, and Net jets are some of the companies with sponsorship deals with Djokovic


He got in trouble for saying that he would not take a COVID 19 vaccine if found.

Djokovic has been accused of fabricating injuries during matches.


2019- shoulder injury and elbow

2013, ankle injury

2017 elbow injury

 Top Earned Match

His matches against Nadal and Federer earned him a lot of money. It is not known how much Djokovic took home per these incredible matches.

Player Net Worth in 2021


Player Salary in 2021


Player Endorsements & Sponsorships

Seiko watches, Peugeot, Adidas, and Net jets are some of the companies with sponsorship deals with Djokovic

Player Luxury Life

Due to his highest earnings and endorsements, Djokovic lives a very high life. He owns vast mansions, restaurants, houses, cars, and many luxurious assets.

House & Asset

Djokovic owns a three-bedroom beachfront mansion in Miami worth $ 8.9m

He owns a mansion in Monte Carlo Monaco where he lives with his family

Djokovic owns a large house in his hometown of Belgrade.


Djokovic is married to childhood crush JelenaDjokovic. The couple is blessed with two kids; a son Stefan Djokovic and a daughter Tara Djokovic.

Private Jet

Djokovic owns a private jet sponsored by Net Jets

Cars Collection

  • Bentley-$ 225,000
  • Mecedes Benz S 500- $ 220,000
  • Aston Martin- $ 201,000
  • Audi RS- $ 140,000
  • Peugot- $ 100,000
  • BMW M55d- $120,000


Djokovic does not own any yacht. He hires them while on vacation.

Foundations and Charity Work

He founded the Novak Djokovic foundation in 2007. Its main aim is to help children attain their dreams. It has build 18 schools and helped over 10,000 children.


 Novak Djokovic is currently the best tennis in the world. He is ranked at No. 1 ahead of his fiercest rivals Federer and Nadal. Djokovic is now the third tennis player with most Grand slam titles ( 17 ). His success on the court has seen him become one of the highest athletes in the world. He is married with two children. As of 2020, Djokovic has amassed a net worth of $ 220m


Djokovic is a pro tennis player from Serbia. He is currently living in Monaco. his achievements on the court have seen him ranked among the best tennis players in the world. He is now at the top of the summit in ATP rankings.