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Russell Westbrook is a pro basketball player who plays for Houston Rockets. He is regarded as one of the best NBA stars in the world. Russell has previously played for Oklahoma thunders.

Player Overview 

Name Russell Westbrook
Net Worth $170 million
Age 31
Nationality United States of America
Marital Status Married
Source of Wealth Professional Basketball
Salary $41 million
Endorsements Nike, PepsiCo, Samsung electronics, true religion apparel
Birth Place: Long Beach, California

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3. Career Summary
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6. Style of Play
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27. Foundations and Charity Work

Early Life

Russell Westbrook was born on 12th Nov 1988 in California. His parents were Russell Westbrook jr and his mother, Shannon Horton. While growing up, he had a best friend called Khelcey Bars III. They hoped they could go to UCLA and play together. The friend later passed on due to heart enlargement. The tragedy happened during a pick-up game.

Why Star

Westbrook is one of the best basketball players in the NBA. He has been in the NBA All-Stars nine times. Westbrook is one of the players to have won the prestigious NBA MVP once. He jointly holds a record of triple-double for a season in the NBA. Russell has many triple-doubles a season record. The tall guy is, without a doubt, the current best point guard in the NBA.

Career Summary

Westbrook started playing as a point guard in high school. He joined Oklahoma City Thunders in 2008. In 2010 Russell scored his most top career of 43 points. He would later switch sides and join Houston Rockets in 2019. Russell has won the prestigious MVP with Oklahoma City Thunder.

Career Highlights

 Westbrook made his debut in 2008 for Oklahoma City Thunder. He was chosen in the fourth overall during that year’s NBA draft. Russell went on to show his great talent by managing the first triple-double points. He also managed ten assists and rebounds. These incredible performances saw him emerge fourth in NBA Rookie Player of the Year. He averaged 16.1 points, eight assists.

In his second season, he became a full-time starter for the team. Russell set another career record by managing 16 assists. He achieved this milestone in a winning match against Minnesota Timberwolves. The team reached the playoffs but was eliminated by Los Angels Lakers.


In 2010, Westbrook achieved another career record. He managed 15 rebounds in a triple win against New Jersey. In 2011/2012 season Russell managed a career-high of 45 points in a winning match against the Minnesota Timberwolves. He guided the team to the NBA finals but was defeated by Lebron’s Miami Heat. Russell jointly a record with Michael Jordan of a player with 25+ points and ten assists in NBA final’s debut.

2013- present

Russell was injured for the majority of the season. He underwent surgeries that kept him out. He came back strong. In 2014, he managed his second triple-double in a season. He set another personal record of 4 points,16 rebounds, and ten assists.

In August 2016, he signed a new deal with Oklahoma for three years worth $ 85.7m Russell was incredible during the season. He managed 51 points that were the highest triple-scoring double in the playoffs. In 2017, he signed a new five-year deal with Oklahoma worth $ 205m. In 2019 it was announced that Russell would be joining Houston Rockets.

Favorite Quotes 

 “ Once you put in all the work pre-practice and post-practice and see it in a game and see it in a play, that’s a great feeling.”

Style of Play

Russell Westbrook plays as a point guard. He is very explosive and volatile. The point guard is a great scorer and muscular. These traits help him a lot.

Russell can attack from anywhere at any time at lightning speed. He makes the team defend most of the time. Russell is a very aggressive and high jumper. His body control is excellent. He is very muscular, with enough strength that he uses to his advantage.

Awards and Trophies

  •    8x NBA All-Star
  • 1x NBA All-Rookie first team
  • 1x NBA Most Valuable Player

Product Endorsement Earning

Forbes estimated that he earned $ 27m for endorsements.

Social Media Influencing Earning

Russell has a vast following on social media. Approximately 15 million people on Instagram follow him. It has made him earn $ 79, 750 per post

Business Interests

He has a deal with Jordan’s Nike. It helps him receive personalized shoes.

Tax Evasion

Russell has never been accused of any tax evasion-related cases.

On-pitch Achievements

He won the NBA most valuable player in 2017

He holds a record of triple-double points in a season

Recent Contracts

In 2017, he signed a five-year deal worth $ 207m. It was the largest contract at the time. His contract details at Houston aren’t known.


 Nike, True Religion Apparel are some of the companies that sponsor Russell.


He was involved in a bust-up with Utah Jazz fans.

It was reported that he wasn’t on talking terms with Durant after he left Houston.


  •  2020-Rest and Thumb
  • 2019- Rest
  • 2018- left ankle, Shoulder, Knee, and sprained left ankle

Top Earned Match

He has participated in many matches. His earnings per game are not well stated hence tricky to determine how much he earned in a game.

Player Net Worth in 2021

 $ 150m

Player Salary in 2020


Player Endorsements & Sponsorships

Nike, True Religion Apparel are some of the companies that sponsor Russell.

Player Luxury Life

Russell is among the wealthiest athletes in the world. He owns expensive assets. Russell owns his own customized Nike shoes. His richness has enabled him to live a very luxurious life.

House & Asset

He owns two houses in Oklahoma worth $ 2m


Russell is married to Nina Earl in 2015. The couple is blessed with three children

Private Jet

Russell doesn’t own a private jet. He hires them when he wants to go on vacations

Cars Collection

  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Jeep


 He doesn’t own a yacht. Westbrook hires them while on vacation.

Foundations and Charity Work

Russell has participated in many charities. Did he found his foundation called Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation. Its main task is to inspire children to realize their dreams.


Russell Westbrook is among the best basket ballplayers of his generation. He is arguably the best point guard in the NBA. He started his career in 2008 and has gone on to be successful on the court. His excellent talent has seen him become one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. It has not stopped him from giving back to society as he owns his charity foundation.


Russell Westbrook is a pro basketball player in the world. He has gone on to have outstanding performances on the court. The point guard has evolved his role to emerge as the best point guard in the world. His success on the court has seen him amass a total of $ 150m net worth. He is one of the marketable players.