How to Win a Free Ps5 Best Guide on PlayStation 5 Giveaway 2021

How to Win a Free Ps5: Best Guide on PlayStation 5 Giveaway 2022

The world is suffering from a pandemic and we are living a very restricted life. Almost every part of the world is trying to fight this pandemic and people are left helpless because the only way to fight against this virus is by staying at home.

All the schools are closed and there are no public gatherings, So this is the time when many of us don’t know what to do and how to kill boredom at home. We all want some entertainment in these circumstances so that we keep our self busy and enjoy our time at home.

Video Games are loved everywhere and no matter how old you are video games still fascinate you. In this modern era, we have seen a big revolution in video gaming. With time people switched from mobile phones to computers and from computers to play stations. Over the years we have seen the series of Play stations and their popularity in people.

Recently Play station 5 is launched and deep down we all want to play exciting and thrilling games on it but the only thing that stops us from doing that is its price. Yes many of us cannot afford the new PS5 because of its price but don’t worry we will guide you on how to win PS5 free in this article.

A Different Way to Win PS5 Free

Following are the different ways through which you can be the owner of play station 5:

Win a PS5 in the Burger king contest:

So you can win the new PS5 in burger king content by purchasing anything for $5 and you will be in the contest to win the brand new PS5.

In order to take part, you should simply go to your nearby Burger King and purchase a 2 for $5 blend n’ match dinner (or buy some other passing feast of at any rate $5).

At that point head on over to Burger King’s application and play the game with the token you procured from your buy for an opportunity to win. You can head on over to Burger King’s site to peruse the remainder of the guidelines and could be the lucky winner.

Win a PS5 through Google Chrome extension:

Yes, some of you might be wondering how is this possible but now you can win PS5 by just installing on chrome extension and you can be the lucky winner. This year Sony collaborated with Google chrome and are now giving free PS5 to lucky winners.

All you need to do is install this extension (Play station 5 giveaway- Play station 5 Giveaway) and you can get a PS5 every week through a lucky draw. So what are you waiting to try your luck and you can be the next lucky winner?

Play a game on idropnews website and win PS5:

Everybody sufficiently lucky to be living out from under a stone has known about the PlayStation 5, Sony’s amazing cutting edge game reassure that is equipped for showing staggering 4K designs at a mind-blowing 120 casings each second.

That, yet the PS5 highlights equipment sped up beam following, 3D sound impacts, an underlying 825GB SSD, and is even in reverse viable with your number one PlayStation 4 games.

So you can win PS5 by using the giveaway tool provided on the website. The more actions you complete the better chances of winning you will have.

WIN A FREE PS5 –  Gfinity Plus Giveaway Is A PS5:

You can win the new PS5 by simply signing up at Gfinity Plus.  Yes you heard it right, Gfinity Plus is doing a giveaway and you can win the PS5 by joining through email. All you need to do is sign up and verify your email. You will be nominated for a lucky draw which will be announced at the end of every month and you can win a brand new PS5.

Winners will be announced at the end of every month and you can be the lucky winner if you will follow all the steps carefully.

Win PS5 Today through Instagram giveaway:

Well, we have seen many ways to win PS5 but here is another way that is accessible to everyone and anyone can win this. All you need to do is search for the PS5 giveaway page/account on Instagram. You will have to follow the steps the mentioned and have to send them a message on completion of all the followed instruction.

By following all this you can be a winner through this Instagram giveaway so hurry up and grab your PS5 before it gets late.

We have shown you a different way to win a free PS5 so that you can enjoy your time at home without getting frustrated with a lack of activity. Now you can win free PS5 from any of the above methods.