Mike Trout Net Worth

Mike Trout Net Worth Biography and Lifestyle 2022

Mike Trout Net Worth: who is a pro baseball player who plays for Los Angeles in America. Trout is among the best baseball players in the world. His success in the field has seen him become one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

Mike Trout Net Worth and Biography

Name Michael Nelson Trout
Net Worth $60 million
Age  29
Nationality American
Marital Status Married to Jessica Cox
Source of Wealth Professional Baseball Player
Salary $35 million
Position in team Centre fielder
Birth Place: Millville, New Jersey, United States

Mike Trout Net Worth & Carrier Info

1. Early Life
2. Why Star
3. Career Summary and Mike Trout Net Worth update
4. Career Highlights
5. Favorite Quotes 
6. Style of Play
7. Awards and Trophies
8. Product Endorsement Earning
9. Social Media Influencing Earning
10. Business Interests
11. Tax Evasion
12. On-pitch Achievements
13. Recent Contracts
14. Endorsements
15. Controversies
16. Injury
17 . Top Earned Match
18. Player Net Worth in 2021
19. Player Salary in 2021
20. Player Endorsements & Sponsorships
21. Player Luxury Life
22. House & Asset
23. Family

Early Life

Mike Trout was born on 7th august 1991 in New Jersey. His father, Jeff, was a baseball player in his University days in Delaware. Jeff went on to play baseball for four years. He suffered a torn plantar fascia and knee injuries that forced him to quit baseball.

Mike embarked on his baseball-playing journey by playing for Cap Ripken baseball. He played as a shot-stopper in his early days. His hero was Derek Jeter hence making him wear number 2 in his honor. In high school, he switched his jersey number to one. He attended Lakeside middle school and Milville Senior high school.

Why Star

Trout is an American baseball player for Los Angeles. He has won the MLB All-Star eight times. The shot-stopper has won the prestigious MVP thrice. He is a seven times Silver Slugger award winner. Mike is among the best baseball players in the world. He has most runs and times on the base in the American League.

Career Summary

Mike commenced his pro career in 2009. He started playing for Arizona Angeles. Baseball Americans ranked him as the best prospect in the league. It prompted Los Angeles to sign him in 2011. He went on to represent the team and win many awards.

Career Highlights

He made his pro debut for Los Angeles on 8th July 2011. Peter Bourjos was injured hence was put to replace him. Trout went on to prove his talent by managing his first career major league ball hit. In his debut season, he was able to win Minor league player of the Year. It was after managing 326/414/544 that comprised 32RB, 82 runs, and 11 home runs.

2012- 2017

The next season saw Trout continue with his great performances. He started with recording403 battling average. Four hundred sixty-seven on-base percentage and 623 slugging percentage in twenty games. He emerged second in the prestigious MVP.

In 2014, Mike won his first Prestigious MVP. He extended his stay with Angeles by signing a new contract of one year worth$ 1m. in the same year, he signed another six-year contract extension worth % 144.5m. After signing the deal, he was declared again the league’s MVP the same year. In 2016 he won is career second MVP. Trout became the first person to appear in the top 2 for five seasons.

2019- present

He signed a very lucrative deal with Los Angeles worth $ 426m for twelve years. It is the richest contract in sports history. He managed to win his third MVP.

Favorite Quotes 

 “I always dreamt of making it in baseball, but life has moved pretty quickly for me.”

Style of Play

 Mike is very athletic. Mike loves sliding headfirst. He is both muscular and aggressive. This makes him make dynamic base running styles during matches. His playing has been controversial as it gives him many injuries.

Awards and Trophies

ü  8x All-Star

  • 3x All MVP
  • 1X Rookie of the Year
  • 30-30club
  • Hit for Cycle

Product Endorsement Earning

He is among the players who earn less from endorsements. Forbes listed his earnings as $2m annually from endorsements.

Social Media Influencing Earning

Mike has a vast following on social media. It is not yet known how much he earns per sponsored post.

Business Interests

Mike lives a private life hence becoming difficult to know the business ventures he has invested in

Tax Evasion

Mike has never been accused of any tax evasion-related charges.

On-pitch Achievements

Mike has most runs in a game. He has won 3x MVP awards.

Recent Contracts

Mike signed a contract extension worth $ 426.5. It is the richest deal in baseball history. It will run for twelve years.


BodyArmor, J&J Snack Foods,  Rawlings, Topps, and Nike are some of the companies that sponsor him.


Trout was involved in the sign-stealing scandal. He was accused of using HGH to heal thyroid conditions—a banned substance.


ü  2017 – tore a ligament in left thumb

  • 2018 – Right wrist injury
  • 2019 – Mortouls neuroma

Top Earned Match

It is estimated that trout takes home approximately $100,000 per match

Player Net Worth in 2021


Player Salary in 2021

 $ 47.6m

Player Endorsements & Sponsorships

BodyArmor, J&J Snack Foods, Rawlings, Topps are the main sponsors of Mike Trout.

Player Luxury Life

The shot-stopper is the richest and highest-paid baseball player. Mike signed a lucrative contract worth and has enormous endorsements. It has enabled him to live a precious life. He wears his own customized Nike shoes. Mike owns Expensive assets.

House & Asset

He owns a house in Laguna Beach, California, US.

He owns a house in Newport Beach worth $ 9.15m


 Mike is married but doesn’t have children yet. He is married to Jessica Cox.

Private Jet

Mike does not own a yacht but hires one that uses during travels.

Cars Collection

  • Chevrolet Stingray
  • Merdes AMA
  • Chevy Silverado Midnight Edition


Mike trout does not own any yacht. But he has enough money to purchase one

Foundations and Charity Work

Mike gave Nike shoes to every single player of the eagles’ team as a Christmas gift. He has helped orphan children through foundations such as Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of orange county.


Mike Trout is arguably one of the baseball players ever. He has been successful on the ground. This has enabled him to win many awards. He is probably the most successful player in the sport. His success has seen him become one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. He has amassed a massive fortune of $ 45m from playing baseball


Mike Trout is a pro baseball player for Los Angeles. He is very proficient in baseball. Trout is one of looked up to base ballplayers. The shot-stopper has had a very successful career in the world of baseball sports.